Selle Italia Drakon SMP - Saddle - Grade: Good

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Covered in real leather for the black model and microfibre for the coloured models, they also features a completely open central channel, the original front nose and raised rear support, giving these saddles a fascinating aerodynamic style.

The characteristic "beak" shape of the Selle SMP Drakon saddle has been designed to provide a flat base for efforts when sitting, for example when facing long uphill climbs and as help in descents, offering greater bike control using the thighs. Furthermore, the most important thing is that the "sensitive areas" are not pressed upward.

The Drakon model is the intermediate solution between the Dynamic and Lite 209 models.

To pursue its fundamental objective of relieving perineum pressure the brand has set out to ensure its products have innovative design and top-quality build.

The central channel's unusual dimensions permit the "sensitive areas" of the human body not to undergo any pressure.

Body weight is divided between the rear and the lower part of the ischial tuberosities. The position is helped by the rear profile shaped of the saddle in such a way as to avoid pressure on the coccyx when riding on rough roads.

The length of the bars/frame permits any cyclist to find the correct position on the saddle, making installation particularly simple and efficacious on practically any frame/seat post combination.

Width: /

Length: /

Item Condition: Good

Year of Production: 2018


Weight: / 

All items are given a thorough check by qualified mechanics before being listed. This includes a test ride of the bike to make sure they are happy to transfer the bike to the customer. If any components are unroadworthy they will be replaced by qualified mechanics. 

Quality Control Checks: 

  • Frame Check (scratches/cracks)
  • Test Ride
  • Gear Indexing
  • Bottom Bracket Bearings
  • Headset Bearings 
  • Drivetrain (chain, cassette, chainrings)
  • Rear Derailleur (cage play, jockey wheels, spring)
  • Derailleur hanger (alignment)
  • Front Derailleur (spring, alignment)
  • Tyres (tread, flattening)
  • Wheels (braking surface, trueness, spoke tension, bearings)
  • Bolt Torque Check (Crankset, stem bolts, steerer tube expander plug)
  • Seatpost (unseized)

Please note, these checks are to determine whether the bike is in a good, usable, roadworthy condition and parts will not be replaced unless it is deemed necessary to allow the bike to function correctly. 





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