Shimano Tiagra 4600 - Road Bike Shifter Set - Grade: Excellent

Sale price$107.00



10 speed (right shifter), 2 speed (left shifter).

Easy operation design lever - compact lever bracket hood is made from soft rubber and anatomically shaped to allow easy braking and shifting regardless of hand position. Arced travel on the shift lever always keeps the lever in reach when sweeping shifts across the cassette.

  • 10-speed precision road shifting
  • Adjustable reach main lever via a shim system and light-action release lever assure easy gear shifting and braking
  • Super SLR brake levers for use with Super SLR brake callipers
  • Optical gear display incorporated into the top of the shift lever instantly shows you what gear you're in
  • Integrated cable adjusters
  • Precision shifting courtesy of Shimano indexing system
  • For use with double gear systems

Servicing Completed: 

  • Clean and regrease

    Frame size (& manufacturer indication for rider height): 56cm/ medium (5'8-6'0)

    Item Condition: Excellent

    Areas of note: Front derailleur braze-on mount insert has broken and has thus been converted to a band-on front derailleur (does not affect ride whatsoever) (see in photos)

    Year of Production: 2015

    RRP: 159.99GBP

    Frame: Drop Handlebar

    Weight: /

    Gears: 10 x 2 Speed Mechanical


    Front Derailleur: 2 speed

    Rear Derailleur: 10 speed

    Chain: 10 speed 


    Rear Cassette: 10 speed

    All bikes are given a thorough check by qualified mechanics before being listed. This includes a test ride of the bike to make sure they are happy to transfer the bike to the customer. If any components are unroadworthy they will be replaced by qualified mechanics. 

    Quality Control Checks: 

    • Frame Check (scratches/cracks)
    • Test Ride
    • Gear Indexing
    • Bottom Bracket Bearings
    • Headset Bearings 
    • Drivetrain (chain, cassette, chainrings)
    • Rear Derailleur (cage play, jockey wheels, spring)
    • Derailleur hanger (alignment)
    • Front Derailleur (spring, alignment)
    • Tyres (tread, flattening)
    • Wheels (braking surface, trueness, spoke tension, bearings)
    • Bolt Torque Check (Crankset, stem bolts, steerer tube expander plug)
    • Seatpost (unseized)

    Please note, these checks are to determine whether the bike is in a good, usable, roadworthy condition and parts will not be replaced unless it is deemed necessary to allow the bike to function correctly. 





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