Shimano 105 5700 - Crankset - Grade: Fair

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This Crankset is for someone who isn't overly concerned for the appearance of their crankset as this has come from a customer's bicycle, having attempted to repaint areas of heel rub. 

Shimano 105 5700 10 Speed Double Chainset Silver.

The 105 5700 is a lightweight Hollowtech II 10 speed chainset.

The innovative Hollowtech forged and anodised aluminium crank arms utilise a hollow design that minimises flex and keeps the weight low. 

  • Features: 

    The chainring teeth have been developed to work in conjunction with the CN-5701 chains for increased contact to provide greater efficiency and improved power transfer

    HollowTech II allows the bottom bracket bearings to be spaced wider apart (outboard from the frame), enabling the use of larger bearings and an increased axle diameter

    The system allows for easier installation, adjustment, and maintenance

    Lightweight anodised SG-X aluminium chainrings for smooth and precise shifting

    Gear ratio: 39/53

    Lengh : 172.5mm 

Chainring Size: 53-39T

Crank Arm length: 172.5mm 

Item Condition: Fair

Areas of note: Areas of scratching and poorly attempted respray. This will likely look better once removed to show the scratched surface. Teeth show signs of wear. 

RRP: 119.99GBP

Weight: /

Gears: 10 speed

Bottom Bracket: Hollowtech II

Shifters: 2 x

Crankset: 53-39

Chain: 10 speed


All items are given a thorough check by qualified mechanics before being listed. This includes a test ride of the bike to make sure they are happy to transfer the bike to the customer. If any components are unroadworthy they will be replaced by qualified mechanics. 

Quality Control Checks: 

  • Frame Check (scratches/cracks)
  • Test Ride
  • Gear Indexing
  • Bottom Bracket Bearings
  • Headset Bearings 
  • Drivetrain (chain, cassette, chainrings)
  • Rear Derailleur (cage play, jockey wheels, spring)
  • Derailleur hanger (alignment)
  • Front Derailleur (spring, alignment)
  • Tyres (tread, flattening)
  • Wheels (braking surface, trueness, spoke tension, bearings)
  • Bolt Torque Check (Crankset, stem bolts, steerer tube expander plug)
  • Seatpost (unseized)

Please note, these checks are to determine whether the bike is in a good, usable, roadworthy condition and parts will not be replaced unless it is deemed necessary to allow the bike to function correctly. 





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